Flowers, Fortitude, and Family

From humble beginnings to global innovation. Get to know a bootstrapping, family-owned company of entrepreneurs and why we’re committed to changing the world in concrete ways.

Why Aster Brands?

The Aster Brands name comes from the aster, the hardy purple and yellow flower that built the unwavering foundation on which we stand today.

As a German immigrant in the early 1900s, Constance Manthei broke her family out of poverty by starting a successful aster-growing business on the family’s modest farm in northern Michigan. In the same way that Grandma Constance cared for and cultivated her asters, our team supports more than 160 production partners across the globe, helping their businesses reach new heights in the concrete manufacturing industry. Grandma Constance’s grit and fortitude still inspire us and more than a century later, Aster Brands remains family-owned and operated.

What Matters to Us

The values we hold dear today can be traced back to the lessons our founders passed on from their early days in business. They’re not unique to our work as we endeavor to live them out in our personal lives every day.

Lead the Way

We "make it better" by leading and being led, and by pursuing sound new ideas.

Never Give Up

When work becomes difficult we trust it's because it's work worth doing - no matter the challenge, we don't give up.

Make Time to Care

We generously attend to the needs of our families, coworkers, customers, and communities.

The Manthei Group

The Manthei Group is the larger portfolio of Manthei family businesses. In addition to Aster Brands, The Manthei Group includes heavy construction, wood products, real estate, and resort divisions.

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