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At our core, Aster Brands is a family business. Our family includes:

  • Brands: Our family of licensed brands includes Redi-Rock, Rosetta Hardscapes, and Pole Base

  • Network: Over 160 manufacturers make up the Aster Brands network, providing support and spurring ideas for growth and expansion

  • Team: The Aster brands team is passionate about serving manufacturers and helping them grow

  • Leadership: The Manthei family owns and manages Aster Brands

The Aster Brands name comes from the aster flower, which is what launched the Manthei family into business in the early 1900s. As a German immigrant, Constance Manthei broke her family out of poverty by building a successful aster growing business on the family farm. Today, the fourth generation of the Manthei family owns and operates multiple businesses which you can learn more about below. Even now, we're inspired by the legacy grandma Constance left for us. In the same way she grew and cultivated aster flowers, our team is striving to grow and cultivate opportunities in the concrete manufacturing industry.

If you're interested in joining the Aster Brands family, please contact us! We're eager to work with you.

Constance Manthei was the first entrepreneur in the family with her aster growing business.

The Aster Brands Story

What Drives Us

Our values at Aster Brands hail directly from the lessons our ancestors passed on from the early days in business: lead the way, never give up, and make time to care. These values shape our efforts to unleash possibility within concrete manufacturing everyday.

Alexander Graham Bell led the way to the invention of the telephone.


We take initiative to establish the future of our company and industries, for the good of our customers and stakeholders. We "make it better" by leading and being led, and by pursuing sound new ideas.

John Wayne is a prime example of never giving up.


When work becomes difficult we trust it's because it's work worth doing. We approach each endeavor with tenacity - no matter the challenge, we don't give up.


The 5th generation of Mantheis is a good reminder to make time to care.

Life and work are a gift. Therefore, we don't define people by what they can achieve or produce. We reject the idea that being constantly busy is the best way to live. Instead, we generously attend to the needs of our families, coworkers, and customers.


The Manthei Group

The aster growing business set our family on a course of entrepreneurship.
Here are some of the other businesses in our portfolio! 

Members of the Manthei family 4th generation.

The Manthei Group is the larger portfolio of Manthei family businesses. In addition to Aster Brands, The Manthei Group includes a heavy construction division, wood products division, real estate division, and resort division.

Businesses in The Manthei Group include:

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